Wednesday, June 3, 2020

MMG: Training and More

This blog is about my weight lifting related workouts and those who support them...

Covid19 put a hold on things but we are finally getting back into the groove!

This is the Reverse Close Grip Bench Press

21's with a Bench

Ab / Core Workout

On June 2nd, we celebrated Rickey's 66th birthday!  Rickey and I have been lifting together since I started working at the hospital back in 1994.

Bench Press using 3-1-2 Tempo (sorry I said 3-2-1 in video haha)

June 16th 2020 on the quest to get my 6-pack out of the cooler...  My weight class is 148 but I would like to be that weight naturally which would also help me with my endurance training for races.

If you want more training, you may consider my other blog entry related to martial arts at 

In reality this is a base template but I mix even this up depending on my crazy schedule.  I may even do a variant of the West Barbell/ Conjugate workouts mixing part of whoever and whatever just to keep my body confused and adapting.

Below are a couple of workout examples I have done in July...

I'm really working on the diet part... ahhhhh  it's a process for sure!

We are always loading and unloading and jumping with different weights to meet everyone's lifting needs and sometimes just to confuse our muscles for growth... good times!

Example Workouts

This one above was done like a Superset circuit of 3

4 & 5 were done as straight sets

6 and 7 were done as supersets

Frequently asked questions

Q: What's the best diet to be fit?  
A:  Good question.  Every day it seems there are more and more research and opinions out there.  First and foremost, you need to know your body, lab workup, etc to see where you are already and what your doctor says.  Then moving forward, I would get a fat % check using calipers.  I will say the Garmin scale is always within 1% of my calipers so that is pretty good.  POD Tests, underwater tests are even better but more expensive.  I have found my best success with Moderation since I am not a professional etc.  I know I will not give up certain foods so I allow for them and simply try to monitor what goes in is equal or less than the calories I'm burning.  Treat your body like a car getting fuel.  You're eating to live not living to eat sort of speak.  If you really want to be successful you certainly need to remember the battle is greater than 70% in the kitchen.  I would watch the documentary "The Game Changers" and "The Plant Paradox" and make your own opinions.  Personally, I don't plan to give up animal products but I am trying to move to a more vegetable based diet or even the Mediterranean Diet.  There is way too much research proving a plant based diet improves all health and fitness factors from simply heart health to performance and beyond.  Many of the other diets "appear" not to be great long term.

Short Term Diet??

Q:  How do you get rid of Belly Fat?
A:  By now you've probably figured out that first and foremost you have to have a calorie debt and lots of patience.  I have fallen off that wagon many times.  I then focus on increasing the rate of my calorie burn by increasing activity.  Fat burning typically does best for me when I build muscle through my weight lifting and of course lower intensity cardio such as running, walking, or finding a cool YouTube video or Netflix movie while sitting on my stationary bike.  I love the full body workout I get from karate of course.  I found this video that aligns with my thinking for sure.  Check it out.

I always like Arnold so here is what he says...

Monday, June 1, 2020

2020 and 2021 Hinson 24 Ultra--A Personal Ongoing Journal

It's lunch time January 1st 2020 and this event has already sold out.  My 51st birthday on December 31st was spent with the kiddos and helping my mom run errands while my better half Gina worked.  It had been a productive yet exhausting day so after returning home to pick up my wife to go to a local fav called "Cubbies", we would return back home to get relaxation before the new year but home before all the parties started.  My wife was tired as well so we decided to go to sleep.  I had decided to set my alarm to not only see the ball drop but to also register for the Hinson24 Ultra after midnight.  So the alarm was set for 1145pm.  In true Tim fashion, the alarm goes off and I'm a bit confused thinking it was the morning work alarm.  As habit held true, I would press snooze one too many times and miss the entire ball drop thinking it was the morning before realizing in fact it was not.  The good news is that I had remembered it was indeed time to register!  And that I did.  With a limit of about 450 runners, it was already down to 254 slots left.  Before going to bed at about 1250am, it was down to 235.  I woke up to 155 slots and later I checked at about 1040 when only 33 slots were left.  Clearly, this event is a big hit and one that I am obviously not the only person that enjoys.

Perhaps this may be the one reason of more interest.  This year all runners completing at least 100k(62 miles ish) will earn this medal.  Of course, 100m finishers will continue to earn the BUCKLE!  My record remains about 85 miles in 24 hours and was actually set at this course the year I placed 8th overall.  My ultimate goal would be to earn the 100m Buckle.

Here is a teaser picture of the 2020 January Southern Mountain 50k I endured.  Check out that blog post!

Example run on 2.23.2020 when I ended up running on a Sunday afternoon when it was oddly 60 degrees just days after our only real snow this winter in eastern NC.  It was a 10k at 9:02pace followed by about a mile cool down to total 89.46 aerobic miles for the year.

This is one of my typical running courses.  This one was created by running friends Jenny W and Brad G.  It is a 10k(6.2m) up and down hills course winding back and forth until eventually looping back to the start. I'm weak sauce when it comes to hills despite loving the ones with scenery as you might see on a mountain trail hiking or completing an ultra. After completing the January 2020 Southern Mountain Ultra, I developed plantar fasciitis again so in my attempts to let it somehow heal while also increasing fitness I've reduced my running but have continued to do martial arts and weight lifting.  

I finished February 2020 with a total of 713,635lbs lifted for the year.  I have a goal of at least 3 million pounds lifted this year.  

I can't say enough positive things about my martial arts training with my son Landon.  The 8 classes I teach each week however aren't exactly great for my healing process with my plantar fasciitis.  All that being said, it's great to get that yoga and karate in for cross training.

Meanwhile, as I ended leap day Feb 29th and thinking that it was this day in 2004 that I proposed to my wife Gina in New Bern at Union Point Park and all the great memories that go with that, the reality that March Madness and Matness was upon me too.  Had I lost my mind?  About a half year left to train seems like a lot but with work, family, vacations and the unexpected, I was not sure.  March would have to begin more serious training.

May 31st 2020

It's time to get serious!! ok ok ok past time!!  I've been waiting for my plantar fasciitis to resolve but that may never happen but it does feel lots better so I'm very hopeful!!  Landon had a soccer training session in the Holly Springs area so I took advantage of this great trail.  Unfortunately I took a fall and rolled my ankle.  I feel hopeful it will get better quickly since it happened at mile 2 and I was able to jog it back in.  Time will tell!

Social weightlifting is back at the MMG (Mediocre Muscle Gym)

June 1st 2020

Landon and I started the 1 aerobic mile streak today.  I hope to use this to jump start my training for Hinson now that my plantar fasciitis has finally been minimized.  Of course yesterday's fall on the Peninsula Trail did NOT help!  Here we go!!

June 17th 2020

Training for Hinson has not been going well.  My ankle is still having issues but on a positive note I'm lifting consistently and my son Landon and I have now ran 17 straight days together (18 for me if you count the trail run that resulted in my fall and injury).  I'm super proud of my kiddos!  Kamryn likes to wrestle but will also do a little gym work.  My low mileage is NOT the way to prepare for this race!!!

First Month of Summer Streak Complete...  My ankle feels better and my Plantar Fasciitis appears to be resolved overall...

Goofing off with round kick... Landon and I also typically warm up with a kata while we wait for the GPS to get ready

These sunset shots were from 6/29 just half day before we ran to complete the month of the streak

July 24th 2020

Well dang...  the training will continue so I shall be back and I will continue this post to show the progress for hopefully next year's HINSON24!!

Blog entry for my 17th Ultra the PM to HR 50k

So the show continued with the PM to HR Ultra but the reality that I must train if I ever want to run well became very clear... sure I finished and Rich and I had a great time but my goal for the now 2021 Hinson24 hour run was not just to beat my 85 mile record but to get 100 miles under 24 hours.  My only 100 hour run completed was Tunnel Hill which took my about 29 hours.  I would need serious training to beat that!  Sadly, my sorry self would need another race on the calendar.  It looks like it will be the Uwharrie 40 miler in February which gives a 12.5 hour time limit to finish.  Here we go!!  The first step was getting in which meant to make sure I registered November 1st asap before it closed out.